Local Mineral Wool Installation

If you seek mineral wool installation in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan, then the EnerSol team is here to help. We have trained and experienced mineral wool insulation installers on staff. Mineral wool is a highly effective sound control insulation and fireproofing product. We install mineral wool insulation in commercial, industrial and residential structures. At EnerSol, our mineral wool experts are known for delivering high-quality solutions and excellent workmanship from project onset to the finishing touches.

Types of Mineral Wool We Install

ROCKWOOL (Roxul) Comfortboard®

Are you in need of trained and experienced ROCKWOOL (formerly Roxul) installers for your insulation project? EnerSol has mineral wool board installers on staff for your project. Specifically, we have experience installing Comfortboard® products and mineral sound board insulation. Mineral wool boards offer superior fire resistance and acoustical performance. You can build a quieter, safer structure with the right mineral wool insulation type.

There are different types of Comfortboard® products depending on your specific project. Comfortboard® 80 is a rigid stone wool board designed for continuous insulation applications. A non-structural sheathing product, Comfortboard® 80 provides increased thermal performance to the building envelope. Comfortboard 80 is available in 4” and 5” thicknesses, providing thermal performance up to R21 for building envelopes. Comfortboard® 110 is designed for use as an exterior continuous insulation in commercial applications. Comfortboard® 110 is a thermally efficient, moisture-resistant, vapor permeable board and takes the place of other external sheathing insulations to create high-performance wall assemblies. These assemblies are effective against fire, moisture and thermal bridging, and allow for superior drying potential.


Owens Corning® Thermafiber®

EnerSol is proud to have trained Thermafiber® installers on staff, working with the #1 specified brand of commercial mineral wool. Thermafiber® mineral wool resists fire and temperatures in excess of 2,000˚ F while also providing sound control and energy conservation. Thermafiber® mineral wool contains a minimum of 70% recycled content. It’s also non-combustible, inorganic and mold resistant. As the first formaldehyde-free mineral wool insulation in North America, Thermafiber® mineral wool insulation solutions represent a breakthrough for architects and contractors who want to achieve green building standards.

If you would like more information and receive a free mineral wool insulation estimate, please contact EnerSol Insulation Solutions today.